Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Droid Splitter (Android Application)

Droid Splitter is a free file splitter and joiner tool for android which helps you to split large files in to small pieces and join split files together and make a single file.  It will make your life easy when you are trying to upload large size of files while having size limitations. Configurable memory buffer helps you to increase the performance and the speed of splitting and joining process.

  1. Split any type of file with any size
  2. Join any type of split parts
  3. Configurable memory buffer. (Default size is 5MB. It is recommended to increase the buffer size into maximum if the file size larger than 1GB and decrease the buffer size into minimum if the file size less than 10MB for better performance.)
  4. One touch part detection. ( Select any part from the split pieces, It will automatically load all the other related parts of the file)
Requirements: Android 2.2 and Up
Download from here: Droid Splitter